• Eccentric Bush allows for easy alignment of trailer axles

  • Permanent locking feature with splined washer ensures that alignment is never shifted in the field. This feature improves tire life

  • Fixed torque arms are used on both sides of trailer ensuring that alignment is never shifted in the feild


  • Other suspension manufacturers use weak casting or fabricated brackets to fix the axle to the leaf spring

  • KROSS uses forged brackets that are stronger and lighter than castings or fabricated brackets


  • KROSS uses forged wear induction hardened pads on its suspension.

  • Wear pads are made from 40Cr4 Alloy steel and surface hardness is 50 HRC.Thererfore the wearpad will have a long service life

  • Induction Hardeneing ensures that only the wear pad surface is hard, while the core is soft. Therefore wear pads will not crack

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