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Kross Limited has forging capacity of 2500 tons of steel per month, which includes press forgings, warm forgings and upset forgings.


Established in 2010, the Press Forge shop is a world class facility that uses the best equipment to provide our customers with the most cost competitive and best quality forgings. With mechanical presses ranging from 250 Ton to 2500 Ton, we have the capability to produce a wide variety of parts, weighing from 0.1 kg to 16 kg in weight. The Press Forging dies are manufactured in an in-house toolroom, equipped with wire EDMs, Vertical Machining Centers, welding stations, etc.

  • 100% forgings are done with induction billet heaters, equipped with accept/reject systems

  • Flashless/semi-flash forging designs are used for optimised forging yield

  • High hardness die steel is used to ensure high die life and superior forging quality

Differential spider forging
1600T Forging press
Hot press forging
2500T forging press


Kross Limited has the capability to produce high precision forgings such as differential bevel gears and pole-wheels, that require no machining operations to produce finished dimensions. Using warm forging technology, these products are stronger than fully machined products and maintain the high dimensional accuracy required in gear machining.

  • High speed machining center used to machine warm forging dies

  • Topography scanning and reverse engineering capability

  • Automated die-lubrication

High speed Machining center for warm forging dies
Bevel Gear Forging


Kross has upsetters ranging from 4” to 7” capacity. Equipped with bar end induction heaters, we produce Rear axle shafts, PTO shafts, S-cam shafts Planet Carrier Shafts and Spindles.

700 KW Bar end heater
6" Upsetter
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