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At Kross limited quality is built into the manufacturing process. To provide our customers with the best quality and on time deliveries, we invest in world class machining equipment. Kross maintains a contingency plan for each major operation thereby ensuring timely and continuous delivery to its customers even incase of a machine breakdown.

Also, as a policy, Kross does all critical manufacturing in house and thus has a wide range of capabilities:

  • CNC & cylindrical grinding machines

  • Gear hobbing and shapping machines

  • GROB make spline rolling machine

  • Horizontal and vertical machining centers

  • CNC turning & turnmill centers

  • Internal & surface broaching machines

  • Robotic Welding

CNC Grinding
Cylindrical Grinding
Surface Broaching
Internal Broaching
GROB Spline Rolling
Robotic Welding
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