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Established in the year 1994, Kross Limited is an acknowledged specialist in manufacturing forging components for the top OEMs and Tier 1 companies in India. We manufacture a wide range of high performance and safety critical components for the commercial vehicle, tractor and trailer axle industries.

An organisation manned by qualified and highly skilled people with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, heat treatment and international levels of quality control, Kross is a supplier to OEMs like TATA Motors, Ashok Leyland, International Tractors Limited, TAFE(Tractor and Farm Equipment) and we are also a global supplier for companies like Dana and Eaton.

Kross is a specialist in manufacturing critical components which include companion flanges, axle shafts, rear end spindles, anti-roll bars, differential spiders and inter-axle kits, suspension linkages, universal joints and crosses, pole wheels, scam shafts and wide variety of tractor parts for the hydraulic lift arrangement, PTO shafts and spindle front axles.

We utilize the  latest design & manufacturing software in developing products. That’s how every KROSS product has the excellence built-in.

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